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Mandatory Dress Rehearsal
Location:  Sudbrook MMS
Date: Friday, May 12th
Time: 5:30pm-8:30pm
**Our youngest dancers will be dismissed earlier.
Alice in Wonderland Performance
Location:  Sudbrook MMS
Date:   Saturday, May 13th
Performance Time:  2pm

Performance Day - Student Arrival times:
*All advanced and intermediate level students are to be at Sudbrook by 9am for warm-up
*Our level 4/5 students are to be at Sudbrook by 10:30am for extra rehearsal time with older students.

*All younger students in levels 2/3 and below should plan to be at Sudbrook in full costume and make-up by 12:30pm.  We hope to give these students some last minute practice before the house opens.

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